Neuro Massage Therapy
This modality uses the proven applications of, MET and NMT for relief of many chronic pains.

Cranio Sacral Massage
Cranio Sacral Therapy strengthens your body’s ability to take better care of you. It helps alleviate a range of illness, pain and dysfunction.

Therapeudic Health
This massage is to improve health within the body’s natural functions through specific applications such as:

  • Lymphatic Pump (Done at a rate up to 150 pumps per minute for 3-5 minutes, this effectively stimulates lymphatic function and drainage.)
  • Spleen pump (The effect on the spleen is such as to increase the leukocyte count by an average of 2,200 cells per cubic millimeter)
  • Liver Pump (Done at a rate of 20 pumps per minute for 2-3 minutes, this effectively enhances liver function)
  • Connective Tissue Application (stimulates nerve reflexes and viscerocutaneous reflex to improve blood supply and nerve reception of muscles and organs in the body)

Structural Integration 1 Step Body Rebuild
This modality uses the proven applications of Myoskeletal Alignment, Myofacial Release, Muscle Energy and Positional Release Techniques for relief of many chronic postural pains caused by twisted and contracted muscle structures. The goal in these sessions is to return the body to a more upright and balanced symmetry, thereby improving human structural and functional potential that clearly increases your resiliency, flexibility, balance and awareness

Private Classes

LA CEU Certified Courses
These 12-hour courses are designed to enable the professional massage therapist to integrate an extensive set of practical techniques such as: NEURO MASSAGE THERAPY, MYOSKELETAL, MYOFACIAL, ORTHEPEDIC, and CRANIO SACRAL. The techniques in these courses have been used successfully, in thousands of difficult cases.

Bio Feed Back Session

This private instruction is focused on teaching you to control your heart rate with breathing techniques and drop the overall body stress response.

Breathing Aerobics

This private session is focused on teaching you to achieve a cardio workout without the detrimental impact of movement through the joints.

Self Defense

This private session is based on the Pneuma System of self-defense with specific attention to nerve control and joint lock techniques.

In Office Massage Fees

  • Initial Assessment            $100.00
  • Neuro Massage Therapy  $100.00
  • Cranio Sacral Massage     $100.00
  • Health Massage                 $100.00
  • Structural Integration      $100.00
  • Private Instruction             $100.00
  • Standard session aprox. 40 minutes

Office Hours

8:30 AM – 6:30 PM     MON – SAT
Gift Certificates Available.

Explanation of Cancellation Policy

“In a lifetime, Time can always be filled but never replaced”
All cancellations under 24 hour notice are charged $80.00. We do not double book our clients as opposed to many medical providers. You may expect no more than a 10-minute wait on your time. Please note that we are not hourly employees, therefore, we do not have paid benefits such as: Sick days, Personal days, Vacation days, Holidays and Retirement. We offer discount packages so that you will incur less loss should you have to cancel your session. Please understand that just like buying dinner theater tickets that cannot be refunded, you are paying for our availability rather than your participation. Thank you for your understanding of the self-employment situation.