Free Distributorship

Letter from the President

Lets face it, if you are like so many people trying to start your own business, you probably ran into the proverbial brick wall that said,”We want 30 years of experience from a 20 year old person, if you have money we will loan you money and if you are willing to sell your soul we will give you a franchise”. I swore that if ever I had the opportunity I would treat others better than this. So here is an honest deal for anyone with the desire to really work at starting their own business. We will give a FREE distributorship to anyone with as much protected area as you can show that you can sell. No money down, no minimum purchase and no strings attached. You make the sale and send in the order and you make your profit.

This offer is on a first come basis to anyone. So if your serious about starting your own business or adding to your current business please contact me.

Art Bailey